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            Quality, affordable printing for non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals.

            Olde Print Shoppe

            Offset Printing

            We offer a wide range of printing services from the simplest single color work up to full-colour brochures, posters, presentation folders and complex multi-part forms.

            Digital Printing

            We offer quick-turnaround and vivid color capabilities with our Xerox, HP and Okidata Color & Monochrome laser printers on a wide variety of stocks, including envelopes.


            Our services include cutting, folding, collating, padding, saddle stitching, scoring, perforating, numbering, etc. Our "square-back" machine produces saddle-stitched booklets which lay flat. Our book-binding capabilities include Plasticoil binding and perfect binding (for paperback books).


            Contact Information

            4508 118 Avenue
            Edmonton, Alberta T5W 1A9
            Tel: 780 448 0519
            Fax: 1.855.715.0351